How your web host company affect SEO?

stuartclock posted on 04/29/16 at 04:40 AM

Stepping in to the world of online business and ecommerce only pursues success that demands expanding. A huge online store that has proved quite successful and only more customers are pouring in, your personal data base might not be able to take up all the increasing load. This means you need to buy more space and speed to keep up with the performance of a mounting business.

So you buy a suitable web host service from online web hosting companies. While these companies are important to ensure your webpage’s performance, all the efforts are vain unless SEO ensures your webpage’s rankings and a continuous influx of traffic. Hence, both are equally essential in working your webpage’s way to the next level.  One host that gets great reviews is Eleven 2

However, your web host provider might affect SEO in some ways or the other. Some of these web hosting features are:

1.    Shared-hosting:

Shared hosting is more like sharing an IP address with other bloggers and websites. Although this may be the most cost effective package, comes with its own drawbacks. The problem arises if one of the sharing bloggers might be spammed, that usually effects all the others. This can put your webpage in a “bad neighborhood” having restricted some important features like sending emails. Nonetheless, SEO efforts are equally effected when restrictions pour in.

2.    Uptime:

No matter how proper or clean SEO is going around doing its thing, if your webpage in unavailable all the efforts are a waste. So an Uptime is very essential for a website alone to ensure uninterrupted performance of the webpage and visitors. The responsibility of the web host provider.
Although, almost all the webhosting companies promises 99.9% uptime, it is reckoned that you review one before opting it.

3.    Performance:

Recently when google started considering page ranking based on the speed, it has become a huge factor to be considered while choosing a web host. A good speed greatly effects SEO. An SEO professional can easily carry out its mechanisms effectively if the speed is good.

4.    Security:

No matter how hard SEO works to make a website work at its best, if web host does not provide a genuine security system, your website is highly vulnerable to viruses and malware. There is a great chance your webpage can be hacked and if these issues are not addressed immediately, can result in being blacklisted.

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Posted by stuartclock on 04/29/16 at 04:40 AM


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