Bank Stocks With Big Dividend Yields

DividendYield posted on 11/22/16 at 09:57 AM

When savvy investors hunt for great dividend stocks, one of the first things they look at is the dividend yield, which expresses a stock's annual dividend payout as a percentage of its stock price. 

One of the reasons investors are often drawn to bank stocks is because they tend to pay generous dividends. But just like any other industry, some banks stocks are more generous than others when it comes to their quarterly payouts.

Which are the best from the perspective of an income-seeking investor on the hunt for a high yield? You can find the answer in the table below. 

With this in mind, I drew up the table below, which ranks the nation's biggest banks by dividend yield. 

Here are higher capitalized bank/money center stocks with dividend yields above 3 percent.... -> Bank Stocks With Big Dividend Yields...

Posted by DividendYield on 11/22/16 at 09:57 AM


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