TradeKing goes mobile!

bigdog posted on 03/02/10 at 12:39 PM

I’m super-pleased to announce our new mobile trading platform!

Here’s how to get started:

•    Turn on mobile access. Login to your account, then go to Services > Settings > Mobile and click the radio button to enable. (It’s fastest to do this from a wired computer.)

•    Create a mobile PIN. Go to Services > Settings > Mobile PIN to create your PIN. Combined with your password, your PIN ensures a dual-factor of trading security from your device.

•    Go mobile! Access from any mobile or Smart Phone device anytime, anywhere.

TK’s mobile platform offers everything you need to manage your trading on the go, including:

•    Track updates to your watchlists and positions
•    Grab the latest stock and options quotes
•    Enter basic stock or options orders
•    Check order status, account activity, balances and holdings

We’re just getting started, too. Look for customized BlackBerry and iPhone mobile-trading apps in the coming months.

And tell us what you think! Email your feedback to (mention “mobile” in the subject line) or comment your thoughts here. We know there are plenty of eager mobile-fans awaiting this, so we’re eager for your response.  

[image: Mobile Phones by Takuya Oikawa on Flickr]
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Posted by bigdog on 03/02/10 at 12:39 PM


Big D posted March 02, 2010 (12:47PM)

I love it!! its about time if you ask me; and im still waiting for a TradeKing app for my iPhone. Can you make that too??

closer posted March 02, 2010 (07:39PM)

Thank you Big Dog, I am married to my blackberry & on the road more days than in office.
Great News
Best Closer

bigdog posted March 03, 2010 (12:19PM)

Glad you're digging the mobile release! To answer your questions, this is just the first wave of mobile for us: an HTML site streamlined for any Internet-enabled device or Smart Phone. We wanted to cover all our bases first.

Next wave will focus on creating a BlackBerry app, and after that an iPhone app. Now that phase 1 has bee released, it'll pave the way nicely for these subsequent two releases soon.

Thanks again for giving this a try, and let us know if you have suggestions for improvement.

Be Good,

DannyUpshaw posted March 04, 2010 (02:40AM)

No mention of Android?  It's going to be running on multiple HTC, Dell, and Motorola phones by this summer. 

I'm at the end of my cell contract, yesterday actually, and I'm debating making the smartphone upgrade, despite the ridiculous data plan charges. 

I was debating going Droid or iPhone, but for various reasons, I'd rather go Droid (better camera, physical keyboard, expandable memory, Google Voice, the app policy isn't arbitrary and crazy like it is with AAPL, etc.) 

So, after iPhone and Blackberry, are there Android discussions, or is that a decision that will be made later on down the line? 

Whatever the case, the mobile platform is cool, and I can always access the site through phone browser either way.  It's good to see TK keeping up with the times.


bigdog posted March 04, 2010 (11:53AM)

Never fear, Danny. This first wave of our mobile platform works with all Internet-enabled devices, including smart phones. So go ahead and buy that Android phone if you’re so inclined – we’ve got you covered. 

In the coming months, we plan on releasing a BlackBerry app and then an iPhone app, in that order. We’ll assess client demand for an Android app along the way and make that decision further down the line, as you said. 

Meanwhile, happy phone shopping! When you do get a chance to check out our first wave of mobile, let us know what you think.

Be Good,

Lamp posted March 04, 2010 (06:23PM)

Thanks Bigdog.  I like this service very much.:))))))

gjohnsontrades posted March 04, 2010 (09:30PM)

Great application TradeKing! I believe in the phased approach, so let's get an application for the Droid platform. I mean, since I'm tethered to this phone for the next two years, I may as well drag TradeKing along with me! Keep paving the way TradeKing!


BigCopper posted March 05, 2010 (02:57AM)

Great for on the go! Im glad TK decided to embrace the smart phone trend. This works great for the basics and thats all we can ask for, for now anyway! With the iphone and blackberry app I hope that it is as good as some of your competitors ive been looking at all of them and most are great so if TK's version is anything like those then you will have yourself an app that will keep your clients loyal TK clients!

Good work and keep it up!

corbinb2 posted March 05, 2010 (07:44AM)

I'm about to venture into the world of smartphones for my wife and myself and wondered if there were any recommendations? (not iPhone)

I've looked at some of the Blackberry phones and the Storm 2 seems to be the smart play, but thought some of you may have some feedback?

Specked posted April 12, 2011 (10:04AM)

Please add 2-factor authentication.

Raghu posted July 20, 2011 (09:02AM)

When is Tradeking releasing its Android app coming?

bigdog posted July 21, 2011 (05:26PM)

Raghu: We’re aiming to release the Android app this winter, hopefully Q4 but possibly 1Q12. I realize that may not be the answer you’re looking for, but we’d rather give you a straight answer than not. We’re looking into ways to expedite this and will keep you and other Android fans informed.

Meanwhile, you’re aware of our mobile HTML site, right? It’s streamlined for mobile browsers and works on virtually all modern devices. It’s not as slick as an Android-native app, of course, but it may prove handy in the meantime.

Thanks for sharing your feedback. The Trader Network is invaluable for us as we prioritize dev-projects.

Be Good,

bek1 posted December 05, 2012 (12:05PM)


Any word on a mobile app for Windows Phone?

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