The New Hotness in Financial Services: Finovate is Back!

bigdog posted on 09/12/12 at 04:45 PM

Ready for a Jetsons-like glimpse into financial services’ future? Finovate never fails to deliver the goods, and this fall’s conference in NYC should prove no exception. The event is designed to launch brand-new, disruptive concepts into the financial services industry, and I love checking out what’s new there every year. Not only does it keep my finger on the pulse within our industry, but many Finovate alums would make great candidates for TradeKing’s API strategy.

Here are the coolest tools debuting at Finovate for traders and investors:

LearnVest: want to integrate smart personal-finance moves into your broader life? You can’t beat this site for great, thought-provoking content.

Stockr: This newcomer aims to feed the insatiable need to talk stocks via social media. Worth a look if you live and trade by the buzz.

MoneyDesktop: a best-in-show winner from last spring’s conference, these cats offer an elegant, secure iPad app for organizing your financial life. If you’re looking to put your iPad addiction to a more productive use, download this baby and see if it helps connect you to your money better.

There are loads more, targeting everything from mobile payment, smart tuition-debt management, smoothing foreign-exchange conversions and quite a few others. Check out Finovate’s full lineup for more.

What amazing financial tool do you think should be possible – but hasn’t yet been realized?

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Don Montanaro
TradeKing CEO

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Posted by bigdog on 09/12/12 at 04:45 PM


Net Worker posted September 13, 2012 (04:48PM)

"What amazing financial tool do you think should be possible -- but hasn't yet been realized?" 

Something like what eToro just announced at Finovate for turning networks of people into funds.

bigdog posted September 17, 2012 (02:46PM)

Yup, eToro is definitely an intriguing concept, Net Worker. Other players have tried introducing this idea to the market before, but their timing may not have been optimal. We've long believed in the notion that more experienced traders can serve as models for newbies, which is why we built the Trader Network and related features (like following individuals' trades) in the first place. At the same time, we want to empower traders to get into the driver's seat, understanding the rationale behind each trade and pulling the trigger based on their own independent research - informed, of course, by their fellow traders. That's why we've stopped short of an automatic subscription to other traders' moves. However, with TradeKing's API nothing is stopping any motivated trader who wants to build such a service on top of our trading data. Who knows - maybe we'll float the idea with eToro directly!

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