Infographic Time: What else, but Facebook?

bigdog posted on 05/29/12 at 01:36 PM

For a site that some would say was soooo 2009, Facebook is certainly all over the news since the IPO. In a nutshell:  happy insider holders, angry individual investors, richest kid in the world that everyone wants to respect, but might rather punch in the nose and take a billion or so out of his “lunch money”, or...worse....dude, you’re worth 18 Billion Dollars and you’re 28, what are you getting married for????? I kid, I kid, I am a very happily married man myself so I can get that part. I do hope he has a good pre-nup, though.

Anyway, I found this infographic that was both informative and gave me a chuckle too. I figured I’d share it with you. My favorite comment was that the valuation would cover the national debt of Cuba, Guatemala and Panama put together, …pretty funny until I remembered those are just a drop in the bucket compared to ours. Ok, enough, this was intended as a fun post. Enjoy, from FastCoDesign:

I like the timeline motif so I figured I’d add one of my own favorites:


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Posted by bigdog on 05/29/12 at 01:36 PM


Oracole posted May 29, 2012 (05:13PM)

Love this blog. 

I have a few questions for all Facebook users and potential stock owners:  
1. How much money do you spend on Facebook?  
2. How many ads do you click on?  
3. How many products have you bought based on advertising through Facebook?  
4. How much money would you spend on Facebook services if you had to pay? Be Honest!

I really would like to know the answers to these questions.

FSUnewb posted May 31, 2012 (08:57AM)

The answer to all of these is; Questions 1-3=NONE, 4. $5 a month

Haymore posted May 31, 2012 (02:47PM)

What is Facebook?

El Dorado posted June 01, 2012 (12:26AM)

I had the same question the first time it came up on the forum, I assume that plane you’re flying in your avatar had not too many hours on it when you purchased it? 
I did read Brian’s (The Option Guy here at TK) blog about such a favorite IPO and just put it on google to watch. I imagine there are a few traders out there that should read what he writes and take it into consideration.  

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