On Wisconsin

Posted by easymoneybob on January 18, 2012 (07:30PM)

And the price of banana's will be the same tommorow

Posted by incubus on January 18, 2012 (07:42PM)

Interesting Bob, as I recall, you said the people of Wisconsin would forget the whole thing, accept it and move on by the time Walker was eligible for recall.

1 million, that's 25% of the total Wisconsin voting population.

Posted by incubus on April 26, 2012 (12:04AM)

Time = Truth 

"State job losses worst in U.S."

"Wisconsin is the only state in the nation that had 'statistically significant' job losses over the past 12 months, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics."

Posted by JAJ7DVDBAA on May 18, 2012 (12:46AM)

Incubus i'm sure you'll like this one:


Let's just make stuff up!

Posted by incubus on May 18, 2012 (01:18AM)

I caught that, the worst job record in the Country, but he simply makes up a fictitious number and announces it.

Posted by incubus on September 16, 2012 (02:39PM)

Judge throws out Walker's union bargaining law

"{judge} Colas ruled that the law violated workers' constitutional rights to free speech, free association and equal representation  ...." 

incubus said:I'll wager they were more concerned with the "the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

This might explain why they put it in the first amendment.

Posted by BayouSteve on September 16, 2012 (05:50PM)

This is a very good fight going on in cheese head country. It won't stand though because an activist judge hardly ever wins on appeal.  

Posted by incubus on September 16, 2012 (07:08PM)

I see, so only "activist" judges recognize the Constitution...ya learn something every day.

Posted by BayouSteve on September 17, 2012 (11:00AM)

That does not take away the fact that the unions in WI are in real trouble. Bottom line is controlling costs for individual school districts must happen and that is not only in WI but most of the US. What about the free speech in the form of elections that took place which totally changed the nature of how laws were to be developed and passed. All the activist judges I know legislate from the bench when their constituents are challenged.  

Posted by incubus on September 17, 2012 (12:28PM)

It doesn't take away from attempting to trample the 1rst amendment constitutional rights of individuals.

The Constitution wasn't written to suit the agenda of profit over personal liberty.

If we start there, we might as well allow the wealthiest to dictate our religion, our taste in art, how we dress, what we're allowed to speak openly about and whom we're allowed to associate with..

"Big government", indeed.

Posted by billyball on September 17, 2012 (01:15PM)

Like the right to choose to stay out of and not contribute to the union?

Posted by incubus on September 17, 2012 (01:38PM)

I know Billy, people have no choice but to apply for union jobs, those are the only jobs around, none other....it's, um, like, crazy n' stuff.

Posted by SunnyOne on September 17, 2012 (04:04PM)

BayouSteve said: That does not take away the fact that the unions in Everywhere are in real trouble. 

 FTFY.  And, once they are gone, everyone will wish they were back.

Posted by Bayou Steve on September 17, 2012 (04:23PM)

You do realize that this isn't Kansas any more. We will need to significantly improve all of our capabilities in order to get more foreign factories to move here. BTW - I don't see them starting these factories in organized states with strong unions, do you? I learned quite awhile ago that for the most part everyone will have to be happy with less. Even at the telecommunication companies I worked for we all had to take on more responsibility with not much more than a cost of living raise if we were lucky. I know many people don't want to hear this and want to take it from the rich and redistribute to those "in need" but it isn't going to happen with the current mood of this country. 

Posted by incubus on September 17, 2012 (04:31PM)

Sunny points out the bigger problem.

More or less, most of us will acknowledge the good unions have done for workers, wages and middle class growth in American history.

What some of us fail to see, unions are now down to 25% of their presence since 1970 - it's NO coincidence that wage growth relative to GDP has also dropped in the same time frame while middle class debt has skyrocketed.

The root cause of this recession = fraudulently rated derivatives based on debt.

Most of my customer base is either middle class, or derives a livelihood from their own middle class clientele. 

As a small business myself, I cannot see how cutting middle class wages will help me....and, if I happen to breach the $250K bracket, I have no problem paying a higher tax rate if that means my customers have the money to afford my business.

Though I am not directly affected by unions, I AM directly affected when anything cuts into the overall income of my clients.

As with most of us, I'm also disgusted by the fact that the Fed has to resort to "eternal QE" in order to increase the buying power of the American middle class, meanwhile the GOP is obsessed with cutting that buying power, the EXACT opposite to the solution

There is a time and a place, focusing on cuts to the middle class income & buying power just right now is absolutely stupid.

Focus on those things in a boom, not in a flailing economy.

Posted by Bayou Steve on September 17, 2012 (07:14PM)

You still don't get it but I am not surprised. What is Obama or Romney to do, create a fake economy which has nothing to do with the real world? I am not for cutting anyone's wages inc., but I am a realist where you seem to fly in the clouds. You get what you earn.

Posted by incubus on September 17, 2012 (08:15PM)

Your car breaks down 50 miles from nowhere. - That is not the time to refuse to spend on a tow and a mechanic.

Let's get the economy a tow, repair it, then fire every public employee in sight if you insist, not the other way around.

It's no more complicated than that, especially not when Simpson-Bowles concluded that we give away $1 trillion per year in useless tax cuts & corporate welfare that serves no purpose in their intended "job creation".

Even half that money, redirected to actual small business job creation, would rapidly rebound our economy.

The problem, too many Fox viewers believe what they're told, and told, and told, and told again.

If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.

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