nonplussed by Tradeking/Ally intigration

Posted by Oninoshiko on May 09, 2017 (04:07PM)

While, if you look at the tradeking pages, it seems not much has changed, what HAS changed is the hassle it takes me to get there. Where I want to be is, almost always, Live. Going through the Tradeking page to get there was bad enough, now I have to go through the Ally page, then the TK page, before finally getting to the live page. Of course, it won't let me leave it up, I get regularly booted from the site, at which point I have to do it again. Ally is more of a mess then TK was.

Posted by BayouSteve on May 15, 2017 (06:45PM)

This definitely not working out for me either. logging in is inconsistent. After you log in and want to chat its closed. Not sure I am going to be able to stay.

Posted by sturick on May 25, 2017 (03:15PM)

Got to agree with you guys. It's a bit of a pain with Ally. The timeout thing is really short. Not a great deal of luck with getting the chat online either. I don't think they are very well staffed here. May have to go to IB.

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