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Pinned Topic Locked Topic Diving into our Trader Network? Know the Rules of Engagement first. started by TK All-Star over 7 years ago by TK All-Star 1 43,874
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Tax consequence of partial share payouts started by the penguin about 4 hours ago by the penguin 3 122
PreMarket Charts started by KFD about 6 hours ago by KFD 1 20
(W) or (Q) in TK app when buying options started by smjoseph about 14 hours ago by smjoseph 1 24
just bot 2800 shares of dgaz @ 3.60 cuz bored started by made to trade about 18 hours ago by made to trade 12 643
Multiple 3rd party trackers on my account pages started by doougle 4 days ago by the penguin 4 279
Option Delivery Type started by AndrewTheEngineer 5 days ago by AndrewTheEngineer 2 139
Question about Ariad acquisition started by jmk499 Stocks discussed: ARIA 6 days ago by jmk499 1 127
Incorrect Cost Basis on 1099 started by mudilav 6 days ago by mudilav 1 178
"You should have $10,000 in index funds before picking individual stocks" started by ArteSuave116 8 days ago by Azzanadra 8 568
developers page requires login even after logging in started by MattL922 8 days ago by MattL922 2 201
Question about this strategy and what would you do started by BayouSteve 9 days ago by BayouSteve 3 338
Friday afternoon puts started by smjoseph Stocks discussed: AAPL, GLW, RL 11 days ago by spshapiro 3 241
Market indicators started by la56 13 days ago by tweedlet 6 4,602
Can I add second bank account? started by monocat 14 days ago by Ploutos 7 7,696
Chart Feature Request started by BrandonR 15 days ago by BrandonR 1 158
Laddered puts? started by Isham the Options Trader 20 days ago by Isham the Options Trader 1 262
Selling Covered Calls against a loser started by clatraders 21 days ago by spshapiro 12 888
sell order partial execution started by djk 22 days ago by djk 3 4,195
Tax forms 2016 started by chindonya 22 days ago by chindonya 4 473
USO ETF price vs WTI oil price started by Dmitriy Stocks discussed: USO, USL, DBO 22 days ago by made to trade 6 732

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