Bought to Open 10 contracts of DIS Nov 22 2008 $22.50 Put at 0.70


Trade ticket:

DIS Nov 22 2008 $22.50 Put 2.00 0.00 (0.0%)
Transaction: Bought to Open
Security: DIS Nov 22 2008 $22.50 Put
Quantity: 10 contracts
Price: $0.00
Value: $700.00
Target price: $0.00

Trade Note:

I got lucky here.  Course I shoulda waited and bought all 35 of em here.  But alas.  I was happy to average down.

Posted about 1 hour after the trade


Company information:

DIS 105.72 +0.16 (+0.15%)
Users bought (this month) 348 (51.40%)
Users sold (this month) 329 (48.60%)
Market cap 187.35B
52-week high 122.08
52-week low 34.51
10-day volume 11.47B
P/E 21.54
EPS (trailing 12 months) 4.9

Posted by Uranium_Pinto_Beans on 11/07/08 at 03:48 PM


Comfort Oasis posted November 09, 2008 (08:25AM)

Good buy. The way things are going,who knows how low? I may have to invest myself.

Uranium_Pinto_Beans posted November 09, 2008 (03:10PM)

Could be a bounce till mid week.  The bulk oif ecominc data comes out near weeks end.  Although AIG reporting in the AM and looking for more taxpayer money. 

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