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Tickerville Video: This Week's 2Min Tape Talk

TK All-Star posted on 02/02/10 at 04:41 PM

Quint Tatro walks through 4 promising technical setups. Regards, Quint Tatro Founder, TradeKing All-Star Commentator Disclosure: Quint Tatro holds no p... more

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Birds of a Feather (Stocks)

TK All-Star posted on 02/02/10 at 10:04 AM

Rob Franklin Smith spots 3 interesting sells in the energy sector. If you read my blog last week, you'll recall I was looking for a decline in some momentum names. That plan worked very well, s... more

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Options Movers: MSFT, QCOM, AMZN, USU, MOT, DE, AAPL

TK All-Star posted on 02/01/10 at 10:02 AM

Fred Ruffy finds emerging options trends in the latest trading session. Unusual Volume Movers Microsoft (MSFT) is seeing 3X average daily trading volume, with 417,000 contracts traded and call... more

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Tickerville Weekly Charts Recap

TK All-Star posted on 01/26/10 at 04:05 PM

Quint Tatro sees sell opportunities in ADM, BR and WAT. Until next time! Quint Tatro Founder, TradeKing All-Stars Commentator Any strategies discussed and examples u... more

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The Death of Momentum

TK All-Star posted on 01/26/10 at 02:47 PM

Rob Franklin Smith charts 3 stocks where profit-taking may be in order. In the aftermath of last week's sell off, we may finally be witnessing the end of runs in some momentum names. The early... more

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High-Quality Dividend Paying Stocks

TK All-Star posted on 01/26/10 at 09:44 AM

Alan Brochstein screens for dividend-payers with staying power   For the last few years I've screened to identify companies that pay sustainable dividends in excess of the market, that are also ... more

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Double your calendar fun

TK All-Star posted on 01/21/10 at 09:18 AM

Jonathan "Doc" Maher dives into double calendars in this advanced series. Back to calendar spreads, folks. So far in this series we've looked at two popular flavors of calendars, "straight" and "d... more

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Finding '09 Laggard Stocks

TK All-Star posted on 01/19/10 at 12:25 PM

Alan Brochstein looks for value stocks to bounce back. I try to be a bit contrarian in my approach to stock-picking. You may recall my post from November, Hunting for Turkey (Stocks), in which I l... more

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Options Movers: MED, EK, MSFT, INTC, BIDU, CBY

TK All-Star posted on 01/15/10 at 09:07 AM

Fred Ruffy finds emerging options trends in the latest trading session. Unusual Options Volume Movers Real-time at Microsoft (MSFT) is seeing 2X average trading volume, with 193,... more

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What drives options exercise?

TK All-Star posted on 01/13/10 at 03:04 PM

Mark Wolfinger corrects a common misconception among new options sellers Recently I came across a forum thread discussing a very common, very tempting trap that many novices fall into. Imagine the... more


Making your calendar spread directional

TK All-Star posted on 01/12/10 at 03:54 PM

Jonathan "Doc" Maher explains a handy spin on the calendar trade. Lately I've been blogging about calendar spreads as a market-neutral trade - that is, a trade that works best when the unde... more

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4 Technical Swing Trading Ideas

TK All-Star posted on 01/11/10 at 04:34 PM

Rob Franklin Smith serves up 4 interesting charts for swing traders. As this is my first post, allow me to start with stating what an honor it is to be able to write for y'all. I pride myself o... more


Can time decay kill this position?

TK All-Star posted on 01/08/10 at 04:04 PM

Mark Wolfinger addresses a trader's worry about time decay on a long ITM call I came across an interesting question in the forums from TK client tampajake: is time decay likely to torpedo the pri... more

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Optimizing a straddle

TK All-Star posted on 01/05/10 at 10:11 AM

Doc Maher checks out captaincranky's JBL straddle TK client captaincranky entered a 17.50 March straddle on JBL recently and asked us All-Stars what we'd suggest to optimize his trade. Here ar... more


Calendars and Implied Volatility

TK All-Star posted on 01/04/10 at 11:44 AM

Doc Maher takes a closer look at IV's impact on calendar spreads. Last time in Calendars and the “Big 3” Option Factors, I talked about IV's impact on calendar spreads. You will remember that ri... more

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Screen for Window-Dressing Stocks

TK All-Star posted on 12/31/09 at 11:16 AM

Alan Brochstein explains how to spot "window-dressing" stocks – and why you may want to sell them When the whole market seems to be ending the year strongly, many folks are looking for stocks ... more


JBL Straddle: A few pointers

TK All-Star posted on 12/29/09 at 03:10 PM

Happy holidays, everyone. TK client (and options rookie) captaincranky entered a 17.50 March straddle on JBL recently and wondered what the All-Stars and Trader Network folks would suggest to man... more


How many covered calls should you write?

TK All-Star posted on 12/28/09 at 10:37 AM

Mark Wolfinger explains how to pick the size of your next covered call sale. In one of my recent posts, Get smart on covered calls, I offered tips for optimizing the effectiveness of your covered... more

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Exiting a losing options trade

TK All-Star posted on 12/23/09 at 11:40 AM

Mark Wolfinger answers a newbie option trader's questions. Say you bought your first option contract, a long call. How do you exit the trade? Are you REQUIRED to exercise the option? I came acro... more


Welcome, Quint Tatro of!

TK All-Star posted on 12/22/09 at 09:01 AM

Brian Overby welcomes our latest All-Star commentator. While Nicole’s out on maternity leave, it’s my pleasure to introduce our latest new All-Star commentator, Quint Tatro of Qu... more

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