• I was born in northern Wisconsin into a family of teachers -- my mom, dad and three uncles all taught. After earning a degree in applied math from the University of Wisconsin I thought about becoming an actuary, but I laid down until the urge passed. Instead, I went into financial services, got interested in options trading because of my math background. I’ve been trading options and teaching others to do so ever since.

    I’ve moved around all the big financial centers: I lived in Chicago four different times, as well as New York and now Florida. When I’m not trading or teaching, I hit the golf course, watch college basketball or the Packers on TV, or else drive around in my truck. (Hey, I am from Wisconsin.)

    As for my personal trading philosophy, I like to read what the options marketplace is telling me and trade around it. That means I’m usually a neutral trader because with options it’s usually a safe bet to assume less versus more movement. I like iron condors and tend to hedge with butterflies.

    Whether you’re brand-new to options or a seasoned trader, I’d encourage you to check out my Options Guy blog. You might also enjoy TradeKing’s Options Playbook, of which I’m the proud author. You can buy the Options Playbook on Amazon, or TradeKing clients can access an online version of the Playbook under the Education menu (login to your TradeKing account first). 

    I love teaching options; it’s an excellent job. You’re always working with captive audiences full of smart, engaged people. What more can you ask for?

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Personal information

  • Occupation: Senior Options Analyst
  • Age Group: 30's
  • Location: Charlotte, NC

Trading information

  • Amount invested: Over $200,001

My trading strategies

  • Butterfly
  • Collar
  • Iron Condor
  • Spread

My trading style

  • Short-term

My research style

  • Fundamental
  • Other
  • Probability

My investment goals

  • Balanced
  • Growth & Income
  • Maximum Growth
  • Speculation

My Groups