Off-Beat Stress Busters

bigdog posted on 08/05/11 at 08:17 AM

Remember my recent post about our employees' hobbies, What TradeKingers Are Up to After Hours? Add another one to that list: skydiving! 

I was reminded of it recently when Rocco Sabino sent me this video of himself skydiving for the first time. Many of you folks know Rocco as Man-About-the-Trader-Network, fielding questions in our forums and via email and chat. We got to talking about it when I mentioned reading an article on, Five Off-Beat Stress Busters. Their list includes a diverse range of hobbies, but still paled in comparison to the amazing variety of side-projects and fun obsessions TradeKing employees shared when I asked them. Our team includes rock stars, book-writers, triathelon warriors, tango-dancers and euphonium players - and the list goes on and on.

Naturally I was curious what skydiving feels like. Here's how Rocco described it:

"Everything is exactly like you'd expect, except, it's not a rush. It's not like riding a mountain bike down a steep drop where if the adrenaline quits for a second you can get slammed. It's the opposite: Calming, euphoric; disorienting for just one moment, then it's like you're an exception to gravity. Of course, the perception is the literal opposite of what's really happening, but you'll hear that from a lot of people, it seems." 


What about you folks - have any unusual hobbies you're indulging this summer?


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Posted by bigdog on 08/05/11 at 08:17 AM


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