Nicole had twin boys!

bigdog posted on 11/24/09 at 01:55 PM

Most of you know Nicole Wachs, our Director of Education, as a commentator on our TradeKing All-Stars blog and emcee of TradeKing’s popular webinar series. Now she’ll be wearing yet another hat: as mom to twin boys!

Allow me to introduce Daniel Tobias and Bennett Asher Wachs. They were almost 7lbs each, born on November 13, and like their mom, pre-market early risers born at 4:13 and 7:20am:

I’ll close with two more great shots. The first shows Nicole with Angelo Benedetto and me at TradeKing’s Boca summer picnic. The second features two traders “just monkeying around” and sporting TK Elvis shades:

Nicole put it best in her email to the TK crew: “Time to start trading TWO lots!” Congratulations, Nicole and Jeff!

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Posted by bigdog on 11/24/09 at 01:55 PM


OldFart posted November 24, 2009 (06:48PM)

Congratulations, Nicole. They are such joy!

corbinb2 posted November 25, 2009 (07:48AM)

Congrats Nicole!

The charter in me wants to say something clever, perhaps something about a double bottom pattern?

It's early and that's the best I could think of for the moment...:0)

mommiedearest posted November 25, 2009 (09:03AM)

Well Done! The boys are gorgeous! Makes me want some. . . . for about five minutes!
I'm a happy "grandmother" to Patrick and Davis!

El Dorado posted November 25, 2009 (12:22PM)

Congratulations! Looks like they already need a haircut. 

bigdog posted November 26, 2009 (10:57AM)

On Nicole's behalf, thanks for your kind words! I've forwarded this link to her TradeKing address, but it may be a while before she gets back to email - I'm sure it's a distant memory for her and Jeff these days...

UPod posted November 26, 2009 (12:12PM)

Congratulations Nicole!  What a great gift for the holidays. Make sure to stay out of the "Line of site" when doing diaper changes!

bigdog posted November 30, 2009 (03:59PM)

Hey, UPod is back! Great to hear from you, buddy. And I like your new profile image - your little man is really growing up!

Here's hoping we'll see you around the Trader Network more soon.

Be Good,

El Dorado posted December 28, 2009 (09:13PM)

How about an update, all is well I hope. 

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