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Keeping Your Cool During Market Volatility

bigdog posted on 01/27/16 at 08:35 AM

TradeKingers, we know it’s been rough out there lately. But to modify an old saying: when the going gets tough, tough investors get smart. What exactly does that mean, though? In the midst of a... more

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How to Cope With Stock Market Gyrations

bigdog posted on 01/20/16 at 02:33 PM

Time for the obligatory roller-coaster shot…how is this market’s wild ride treating you? Some folks revel in volatility, and others would just rather get off the ride, thank you very much. Wher... more

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Happy MLK, Jr. Day!

bigdog posted on 01/18/16 at 04:42 PM

  Greetings, TradeKingers! I’ve long admired Dr. King for many reasons, but especially as an orator with extraordinary ideas and a gift for finding the right words to galvanize others into ac... more

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What’s Your Trading or Investing Goal for 2016?

bigdog posted on 01/14/16 at 10:31 AM

After my recent post about breaking bad money habits, I thought it’d be fun to “flip the script” and focus on a more positive spin. That is: what are your investing goals for 2016 and beyond? Y... more

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What Do China’s Troubles Signal for 2016 Markets?

bigdog posted on 01/11/16 at 09:03 AM

Whoa! What a roller-coaster start to the new year last week was, eh? The market plunge we’ve all experienced after returning from the holidays mainly traces back to China’s economic situation. ... more

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10 Years and a Million Thank-You’s

bigdog posted on 01/06/16 at 09:29 AM

On December 27, TradeKing marked its 10th year of business, and it’s all thanks to you! Looking back on the past decade, it’s remarkable to consider the huge shifts in financial services, not to ... more

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Which Bad Money Habits Will You Break in 2016?

bigdog posted on 01/05/16 at 11:44 AM

Happy 2016, everyone! As the first trading week gets officially underway, I’m sure you’re chock-full of resolutions for the new year – and money resolutions top most people’s lists (usually vyi... more

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Happy 2016 to You!

bigdog posted on 12/31/15 at 09:30 AM

On this, the final trading day of 2015, I wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year – but also reminisce a little about the year we’re ending today. 2015 was a wild year market-wise, no... more


What the Fed Interest Rate Hike Could Mean for Investors & Traders

bigdog posted on 12/28/15 at 11:49 AM

Unless you’ve been trading under a rock – and I sure hope you haven’t! – you’ve probably heard that the Fed hiked interest rates for the second time this year. This move finally pulls back on hi... more

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TradeKing Stands With Wreaths Across America

bigdog posted on 12/16/15 at 01:18 PM

The “holidaze” has officially begun – are you feeling its distorting blur yet? Amid all the shopping and cookie-baking and end-of-year tasks, it’s a surprisingly stressful season. Sometimes it ... more

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New Futures Traders: We’ve Got a Great Deal for You

bigdog posted on 12/14/15 at 09:19 AM

Interested in futures trading? If so, we’re happy to say the holidays came a bit early for you this year. ;-)We’ve just extended a sweet limited-time offer. Starting now through December 31, if ... more

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Don’t Let Mental Misfires Sink Your Trading

bigdog posted on 12/10/15 at 09:50 AM

The emerging field known as “behavioral finance” is endlessly fascinating to me – and no doubt to many traders. How we think about and analyze the markets and potential trades is inevitably col... more

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Do Black Friday & Cyber Monday Still Matter?

bigdog posted on 12/04/15 at 09:26 AM

Show of (virtual) hands, folks: do Black Friday and its newer cousin Cyber Monday deals still matter to consumers – and more importantly, to retail businesses’ bottom lines? Personally, I’ve ne... more

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The Bears Growl in Our Latest Investor Survey

bigdog posted on 12/01/15 at 09:27 AM

We asked and you answered – and the bears growled loud and clear. Our latest client survey results are in, and investors aren’t feeling hot about the market’s prospects for closing 2015. Next y... more

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Happy Thanksgiving, TradeKingers!

bigdog posted on 11/25/15 at 08:58 AM

Friends, it’s Thanksgiving time again. I hope you’re gearing up for a restful, delicious-smelling holiday weekend full of friends, family and great, relaxing times for all. And loads of leftove... more

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Smart Year-End Money Moves

bigdog posted on 11/23/15 at 03:09 PM

The end of 2015 is just six weeks away, with enough holidays and other distractions to make year-end money planning a challenge. Why not get a jump on your plan this year during the idle hours ... more

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The Uberization of Money & Investing

bigdog posted on 11/18/15 at 02:15 PM

Did you catch this Wall Street Journal article by Zachary Karabell, The Uberization of Money? (In the spirit of fairness, I thought I’d illustrate today’s post with Uber’s main competitor, Lyft... more

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Can Stock Market Data Actually Lie?

bigdog posted on 11/16/15 at 12:10 PM

CNBC contributor Jeff Cox poses this provocative question in his recent article, Data Be Damned, Wall Street Says All is Well. He notes a lot of confusing double-speak among market pundits lat... more

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What’s Your Opinion of Jim Cramer?

bigdog posted on 11/13/15 at 03:29 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed Henry Blodget’s recent article for Slate, Pay No Attention to That Crazy Man on TV. I seriously doubt a more highly polarizing figure has ever hit Wall Street than Cramer –... more

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What’s Your Year-End Market Prediction?

bigdog posted on 11/12/15 at 08:40 AM

‘Tis the season when market experts hazard their predictions about where the stock market will end the calendar year: up, down, or sideways. I managed to find highly persuasive articles arguing... more

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