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Happy Thanksgiving, TradeKingers!

bigdog posted on 11/25/15 at 08:58 AM

Friends, it’s Thanksgiving time again. I hope you’re gearing up for a restful, delicious-smelling holiday weekend full of friends, family and great, relaxing times for all. And loads of leftove... more

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Smart Year-End Money Moves

bigdog posted on 11/23/15 at 03:09 PM

The end of 2015 is just six weeks away, with enough holidays and other distractions to make year-end money planning a challenge. Why not get a jump on your plan this year during the idle hours ... more

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The Uberization of Money & Investing

bigdog posted on 11/18/15 at 02:15 PM

Did you catch this Wall Street Journal article by Zachary Karabell, The Uberization of Money? (In the spirit of fairness, I thought I’d illustrate today’s post with Uber’s main competitor, Lyft... more

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Can Stock Market Data Actually Lie?

bigdog posted on 11/16/15 at 12:10 PM

CNBC contributor Jeff Cox poses this provocative question in his recent article, Data Be Damned, Wall Street Says All is Well. He notes a lot of confusing double-speak among market pundits lat... more

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What’s Your Opinion of Jim Cramer?

bigdog posted on 11/13/15 at 03:29 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed Henry Blodget’s recent article for Slate, Pay No Attention to That Crazy Man on TV. I seriously doubt a more highly polarizing figure has ever hit Wall Street than Cramer –... more

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What’s Your Year-End Market Prediction?

bigdog posted on 11/12/15 at 08:40 AM

‘Tis the season when market experts hazard their predictions about where the stock market will end the calendar year: up, down, or sideways. I managed to find highly persuasive articles arguing... more

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The Warren Buffett You’ve (Maybe) Never Heard Of

bigdog posted on 11/09/15 at 09:04 AM

  Recently a titan of value investing passed away: Charles Allmon, author of the highly influential investment newsletter, Growth Stock Outlook, that held sway from the 1960s through the 1980... more

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The TradeKing 2015 Halloween Costume Contest!

bigdog posted on 11/02/15 at 12:51 PM

If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you know the TradeKing team goes big for Halloween. Year after year, our employees pull out the stops to compete in an office Halloween costume contest, and the... more

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Realities of Trading For a Living

bigdog posted on 10/30/15 at 09:27 AM

Here’s an interesting read from Huffington Post’s Business blog: Six Realities of Trading for a Living. It’s probably fair to say that most active traders have daydreamed, semi-seriously or no... more


Is Your State Money-Savvy?

bigdog posted on 10/28/15 at 01:36 PM

How much does the state you live in matter to your personal finances? More than you might suppose. released an interesting study recently of the 10 most and least money-savvy... more

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All-Time Best Financial Advice!

bigdog posted on 10/26/15 at 09:52 AM

Readers of my blog now that I’m a big fan of learning from fellow investors. In fact, I’ve blogged about this so much over the years it’s impossible to recall how many times I’ve shared solid a... more

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More Ways to Maximize on Market Volatility

bigdog posted on 10/22/15 at 08:51 AM

As a follow-on to my post Two Smart Perspectives about Market Volatility, I wanted to share a third: Six Rules for Navigating Volatile Markets by BloombergView contributor Mohamed El-Erian. I... more

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TradeKing’s “10 Years, 10 Lives” Series

bigdog posted on 10/15/15 at 09:52 AM

Can you believe this December will mark TradeKing’s first decade of existence? Those ten years have flown by – and yet what an extraordinary difference ten years makes!   To cite just a ... more


Two Smart Perspectives on Market Volatility

bigdog posted on 10/13/15 at 10:13 AM

Is this protracted market volatility starting to make you queasy? How can you stomach all this “yo-yo effect”, while staying true to your long-term financial plan and trading goals? I read two ... more

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When is It Okay to Buy a Boat?

bigdog posted on 10/08/15 at 01:29 PM

Did you folks catch this recent Washington Post article by Barry Ritholtz, ‘Never buy a boat’ and other rash financial advice? Like so much of Ritholtz’s writing, I found myself cheering at the... more


The Latest Must-Read Financial Books

bigdog posted on 10/06/15 at 02:26 PM

I travel a lot for work all year ‘round and try to keep my iPad stuffed with good reading (and listening) material, both work-related and extracurricular. Seems like every autumn I splurge a li... more

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All The Money Advice You Need Fits on an Index Card

bigdog posted on 10/01/15 at 03:36 PM

So says University of Chicago professor and social scientist Harold Pollack. The image above arose out of a conversation Pollack had with personal finance expert Helaine Olen. He describes the ... more

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Should You Save in Your 20s At All?

bigdog posted on 09/29/15 at 02:44 PM

Did you see this recent article in Elite Daily, If You Have Savings in Your 20s, You’re Doing Something Wrong? The Interwebs has gone crazy refuting this wrong-headed advice. While I agree wit... more

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FinCon 2015: A Smash Hit!

bigdog posted on 09/23/15 at 09:05 AM

We’re always excited for FinCon, an annual event gathering personal finance / investing bloggers with innovative financial companies. The event is in its fifth year and growing fast. This year... more

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Interest Rates ARE Rising. Here’s How to Deal.

bigdog posted on 09/22/15 at 09:44 AM

  I’m writing this blog post just after the Fed decision not to raise interest rates this month. The final decision not to raise rates this month is, in my view, almost immaterial: this WI... more

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