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When is It Okay to Buy a Boat?

bigdog posted on 10/08/15 at 01:29 PM

Did you folks catch this recent Washington Post article by Barry Ritholtz, ‘Never buy a boat’ and other rash financial advice? Like so much of Ritholtz’s writing, I found myself cheering at the... more

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The Latest Must-Read Financial Books

bigdog posted on 10/06/15 at 02:26 PM

I travel a lot for work all year ‘round and try to keep my iPad stuffed with good reading (and listening) material, both work-related and extracurricular. Seems like every autumn I splurge a li... more

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All The Money Advice You Need Fits on an Index Card

bigdog posted on 10/01/15 at 03:36 PM

So says University of Chicago professor and social scientist Harold Pollack. The image above arose out of a conversation Pollack had with personal finance expert Helaine Olen. He describes the ... more

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Should You Save in Your 20s At All?

bigdog posted on 09/29/15 at 02:44 PM

Did you see this recent article in Elite Daily, If You Have Savings in Your 20s, You’re Doing Something Wrong? The Interwebs has gone crazy refuting this wrong-headed advice. While I agree wit... more

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FinCon 2015: A Smash Hit!

bigdog posted on 09/23/15 at 09:05 AM

We’re always excited for FinCon, an annual event gathering personal finance / investing bloggers with innovative financial companies. The event is in its fifth year and growing fast. This year... more

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Interest Rates ARE Rising. Here’s How to Deal.

bigdog posted on 09/22/15 at 09:44 AM

  I’m writing this blog post just after the Fed decision not to raise interest rates this month. The final decision not to raise rates this month is, in my view, almost immaterial: this WI... more

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What Are Your All-Time Favorite Sayings About Trading & Investing?

bigdog posted on 09/16/15 at 09:18 AM

  Do you find yourself quoting certain sayings about investing and trading over and over? I’m a broken record on this subject, as I suspect many confirmed market fans are. Some of my favorite... more


A Trading & Investing Guide to Bottom Fishing

bigdog posted on 09/14/15 at 08:44 AM

  I’m borrowing today’s title from an excellent WSJ article by the “Intelligent Investor” Jason Zweig. An Investor’s Guide to Bottom Fishing gives some great pointers about how investors can ... more

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How Hard Will September Hit the Markets?

bigdog posted on 09/10/15 at 08:25 AM

If August’s extraordinary market volatility has you steeling yourself for worse this September, here’s a potentially relaxing thought. Yes, if you’re going strictly by statistics, September has... more

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For Retirement, Think “Spirit of 76”

bigdog posted on 09/08/15 at 09:03 AM

I’m all fired up by a Forbes article I just read, For Retirement Planning, Get the Spirit of 76 by Charles D. Ellis. It challenges the widely-held notion that retirement must begin at age 65 an... more

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Happy Labor Day to You!

bigdog posted on 09/04/15 at 10:34 AM

Traders, here’s wishing you a final crack at summer’s pleasures before the “school” year officially starts. TradeKing will be closed on Monday, September 7, in observance of Labor Day; U.S. mar... more

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Here are Some Mind-Blowing Demographic Stats

bigdog posted on 09/02/15 at 10:12 AM

Okay, I’m outing myself as a thorough nerd with this post, but I was completely fascinated by this World Bank analysis of UN population stats and projections through the year 2100. Almost all ... more

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TradeKing is acquiring MB Trading

bigdog posted on 08/26/15 at 09:30 AM

Exciting news today! TradeKing and MB Trading have agreed to join forces. Together we’ll deliver even more value to independent investors and traders at every skill level. Both our firms share si... more


How to Protect Yourself Against Market Turbulence

bigdog posted on 08/20/15 at 09:24 AM

Has recent market volatility got you thinking it’s time to suit up for a possible downturn? Judging from the prevailing buzz around markets of late, it seems like self-protection and hedging ar... more

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The Good, Bad & Ugly of Online Investor Commentary

bigdog posted on 08/18/15 at 01:50 PM

Have you ever found yourself both pleased and irked at something you read? I had that reaction to this Washington Post article by Barry Ritholtz, Hey Investment Cranks: The Internet Never Forg... more

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TradeKing LIVE – Better Than Ever

bigdog posted on 08/13/15 at 12:07 PM

Traders, get ready for an upgrade to your trading experience. We’re rolling out a new version of TradeKing LIVE that gives advanced traders even greater control and visibility into market action... more

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August: Not Such a Dog Month for Investing After All

bigdog posted on 08/11/15 at 10:16 AM

Would it surprise you to learn that August – sleepy, slow-moving, dog-days August – turns out to be a strong month for historical market returns? Marketwatch columnist Mark Hulbert analyzed Dow... more


Your Perfect Personal Finance Reading List

bigdog posted on 08/04/15 at 08:45 AM

You know that pale guy on the beach, huddled under an umbrella, zinc-oxided nose in a nerdy financial book? That’s me, guilty as charged. (Although, to be accurate, I’m more likely to drag my i... more

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What’s the “Right” Level of Risk Tolerance for Investors?

bigdog posted on 07/31/15 at 01:29 PM

Market pundits can’t get enough of talking about millennials’ extreme risk aversion in personal finance and investing. (I’ve blogged about it myself several times before.) So I read this Bloomb... more

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Are You As Smart As an Investment Advisor?

bigdog posted on 07/27/15 at 10:14 AM

Ever wondered how your investment and trading skills stack up to the professionals? MarketWatch columnist J. J. Zhang decided to put himself to the test – literally – by signing himself up fo... more

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