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Posted by ES on March 01, 2012 (11:57AM)

Is the new market data API available for testing?

Posted by TK Frisbee Guy on March 01, 2012 (03:42PM)


The new API market data is going to be invitation only at first, but will eventually be made available to all developers through the API. I checked with our API team, and it sounds as though you've already been in contact with them. If they've filled up on beta testers, though, don't worry: this should be becoming the new standard for the API market data sooner than later.

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Rocco Sabino
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Nophotosm Brokerage Account

Posted by ES on March 08, 2012 (06:09PM)

I am still waiting if I could be a beta tester or not.


Posted by Midneo on March 08, 2012 (07:20PM)

What is the "Market Data API", and what are the requirements?

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