The aim of the Trader Network is to share what securities you’re actually trading and why. These rules, along with our Terms of Use ensure the Trader Network stays constructive, supportive and fun.

TradeKing reserves the right to remove ANY content or expel ANY user, ANY time, for ANY reason.
We won’t let one bad apple spoil it for the bunch.

Here are the rules of engagement in brief:

•    Keep it friendly. We're all here to learn and become better traders, and that can only happen in a respectful atmosphere. Ask yourself: would you talk that way to a person’s face at a party? If not, don’t talk that way here.      

•    Attack the facts, not the person. Think twice before typing in anger. Disagreement on issues is fine; personal attacks are not. Offensive or hateful rants are never helpful.  

•    Stay constructive and on-topic. We’re all traders looking to improve our investing. Politics has a role in the markets; political rants do not. If you want to discuss politics, religion, or any other “off-topics”, do so elsewhere.

•    Don’t beat a dead horse. There are only so many times we want to hear the same argument or topic over and over.  Don’t keep bringing them up.  

•    Don't spam other members via posts or messages. That includes marketing your product, peddling a charity or the like.

•    Don't tout over-the-counter or "penny" stocks. To protect everyone against "pump-and-dump" schemes, don’t post about low-market, illiquid or micro-cap stocks. If you’re trading these stocks yourself, that’s your business – please keep it that way.

•    Don't claim excess returns from trading systems or products. Unsubstantiated claims about your investment returns aren’t allowed.

•    Don’t break the law, securities or otherwise.

•    Don’t link to sites with malicious code. Knowingly infecting others with a virus or other malicious code is never tolerated.

•    Don’t post or link to anything pornographic, hateful, offensive or just plain unprofessional. Make sure any links you post are clickable using the link icon in the edit screen.

•    Don’t play dumb games. Don’t behave strangely under the web’s anonymity. (Believe us, people do.) Don’t use our Network for games like posting back and forth to yourself under two accounts, traffic-pumping schemes, or the like.

•    Respect your own and others’ privacy. Don’t post private communications from other clients or TradeKing to the public forums.

•    Don't use the Trader Network to resolve your account-specific complaint. Public complaints about a specific transaction at TradeKing will be removed immediately and addressed privately. Contact our service team to resolve these issues and don’t rely on private messaging. Call us at 877-495-KING (5464) for the fastest resolution of account-specific issues.  

•    Keep it clean.  While we’re all adults here, the Trader Network is serious business for TradeKing.  We don’t want your potty mouth ruining the experience for everyone else.