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Pinned Topic Locked Topic Diving into our Trader Network? Know the Rules of Engagement first. started by TK All-Star about 5 years ago by TK All-Star 1 26,850
Choosing expiration dates - an example started by SimpleTrades Stocks discussed: CVX about 7 hours ago by SimpleTrades 6 1,406
The end of the world started by spshapiro about 9 hours ago by Crash-N-Burn 6 1,160
let the rally begin! started by etruckerdave about 10 hours ago by Market Pawn 12 2,004
How to cure analysis paralysis started by SimpleTrades 3 days ago by TampaJake 2 1,339
Suggestion for Tradeking started by TampaJake 3 days ago by TradeKingRios 3 811
debit spread vs. credit spread started by tedschw 3 days ago by tedschw 7 2,571
The Great Market Crash of 2014 started by slovb9254 5 days ago by bigdog 2 2,531
Clorox started by spshapiro 7 days ago by spshapiro 5 2,123
Looking for Research Data Sources started by mentholyptus 9 days ago by TradeKingRios 4 1,063
Pattern Day Traders rules. started by Scales 9 days ago by westy327 6 1,366
Exchange service lookup error started by JoeJ 10 days ago by westy327 2 140
Multi Order in the same FIXML started by poilade 10 days ago by poilade 1 88
The Most Important Week In 6 Years started by SimpleTrades Stocks discussed: SPX 11 days ago by Market Pawn 5 984
Ten Things Your Trading Track Record Says About You started by SimpleTrades 12 days ago by bigdog 4 1,697
Pattern Day Trader Petition started by Rogue 12 days ago by Rogue 1 243
On the 4th quarter started by spshapiro 14 days ago by spshapiro 17 3,123
[Review] RobinHood: the stock broker trying to eliminate commissions started by treeHamster 14 days ago by treeHamster 8 2,585
Dividend Re-investment option started by RM 16 days ago by TradeKingRios 2 611
A Game of 21: 21 Investors / 21 Rules started by SimpleTrades 16 days ago by RM 3 1,831
This is what happens if you depend on one customer started by SimpleTrades Stocks discussed: GTAT, AAPL 18 days ago by SimpleTrades 2 891

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