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Pinned Topic Locked Topic Diving into our Trader Network? Know the Rules of Engagement first. started by TK All-Star over 5 years ago by TK All-Star 1 27,739
Investing in Cannabis started by JRock1203 Stocks discussed: CBIS about 8 hours ago by BeretDude 5 1,063
account access? started by spshapiro about 9 hours ago by Calculator 11 344
Oil started by Market Pawn Stocks discussed: USO, UWTI 1 day ago by bigdog 15 3,472
let the rally begin! started by etruckerdave 1 day ago by etruckerdave 21 4,487
sell everything started by spshapiro 3 days ago by Blue Lotus 2 746
Trading the Markets Contributes to Your Longevity started by SimpleTrades 4 days ago by SimpleTrades 1 267
Historical Option Prices started by ewi2345 5 days ago by TradeKingRios 2 821
TK Option Scanner Question started by CoachMIke 6 days ago by TradeKingRios 2 724
Tax implications of rolling option contracts started by Trader Matt 7 days ago by spshapiro 2 977
Newbie trading platform? started by cplayer73 7 days ago by treeHamster 4 1,393
How to Read a Financial Statement started by SimpleTrades 9 days ago by bigdog 2 1,128
Help on Stock Screeners started by ssr 12 days ago by the penguin 2 458
Option blew passed strike in one day & value goes down? started by Gambit2299 Stocks discussed: ULTA 12 days ago by spshapiro 2 649
Looking for feedback on my Roth IRA portfolio started by nejj11 12 days ago by spshapiro 5 968
Twitter Is In Need of New Management started by 1UpWallStreet Stocks discussed: TWTR 13 days ago by treeHamster 2 603
when to cover a call started by spshapiro 13 days ago by spshapiro 5 1,176
New Young investor started by Tpollard89 15 days ago by treeHamster 5 1,084
RSI and other indicators available through the API? started by jvbwyo 16 days ago by TradeKingRios 2 580
TK API and MATLAB for trading started by paschall 23 days ago by paschall 4 2,332
TK Live started by ln037 24 days ago by TK Frisbee Guy 3 1,729

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