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Price API has been dead since 11:30am started by Shodan about 3 hours ago by Shodan 5 64
Why do you use TradeKing? started by Luke16 about 3 hours ago by Shodan 5 598
Bugs in new Tradeking Live started by a_c1 about 3 hours ago by jzees 14 1,263
Class Action Lawsuit requires confirmation documents. Which is best to enclose? started by Lumin Stocks discussed: AMBO about 4 hours ago by Lumin 1 15
"deflation" started by spshapiro 1 day ago by spshapiro 7 938
How'd you learn stocks? started by Michael Nichols 1 day ago by papermaker67 5 1,425
Turbotax version started by Turtles Are Cute 3 days ago by BeretDude 6 1,715
Greek Elections started by bnichols19 3 days ago by bnichols19 6 495
Option Gurus - Urgent Help Please started by Harshal1981 7 days ago by spshapiro 3 1,867
IRA Rollover Question started by Equinetrailrider 8 days ago by TK Frisbee Guy 2 695
Why does API report market open today? started by jmrichardson 10 days ago by TK Frisbee Guy 2 914
Can I buy BRK-B stock here? started by Tanganyika Stocks discussed: BRK-B 10 days ago by TK Frisbee Guy 7 1,580
Trading illiquid Options For Profit started by Space Jam 11 days ago by spshapiro 2 819
Another way of looking at covered calls started by spshapiro 12 days ago by spshapiro 8 4,046
CUR started by KrisT 17 days ago by KrisT 1 463
Need Help With Vertical Spreads started by lkoolwin 17 days ago by bigdog 7 1,865
Oil started by Market Pawn Stocks discussed: USO, UWTI, BP 18 days ago by spshapiro 27 9,335
What Do You Think Of GTE? started by showbizdad Stocks discussed: GTE 18 days ago by showbizdad 1 199
Options Scanner Tool Does not work started by ABDallas 19 days ago by TK Frisbee Guy 8 2,066
Need clarification of TK article on PUT options started by Think 20 days ago by spshapiro 2 634

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