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LNKD should you shorted ? started by Midneo Stocks discussed: LNKD over 3 years ago by Midneo 6 1,254
New Year for Social Network Trading started by Se7en Stocks discussed: LNKD about 2 years ago by Se7en 1 1,410
ARGH!! started by HenryHank Stocks discussed: LNKD over 4 years ago by TheSnowMan 17 2,444
LNKD Options Now Available. Is Anyone Trading Them? started by sublimevotum Stocks discussed: LNKD, QPSA over 4 years ago by sublimevotum 16 3,439
FB IPO has been set! started by treeHamster Stocks discussed: ZNGA, S, LNKD over 3 years ago by made to trade 24 5,369

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