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$CVX - Trading the Pullback started by SimpleTrades Stocks discussed: CVX 11 months ago by SimpleTrades 2 510
Long Term Dividend Stocks Advice & Stock Valuation started by NishNash14 Stocks discussed: PG, PM, GIS about 1 year ago by MT82 32 3,047
Deep ITM LEAPs? started by apwwest59 Stocks discussed: C, INTC, QCOM over 2 years ago by jeffr_ca 21 8,235
First Investment in Stocks... started by uavmx Stocks discussed: MNR, NLY, ANH almost 3 years ago by uavmx 12 1,781
Looking for oil play - COP or CVX? started by CaptainAmazing Stocks discussed: CVX, COP over 4 years ago by buydow 9 2,626

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