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newb trading started by Sparkynutz Stocks discussed: AMZN, FB 4 months ago by Jonotastic 9 836
Everyones thoughts on the new MINI Options started by CharlesP Stocks discussed: SPY, AAPL, GLD over 2 years ago by Scofflaw 18 3,625
The Wishing Well started by Chandler Stocks discussed: WRC, DIN, FCX over 3 years ago by Chandler 26 4,523
AMZN - all time high? started by Owl Stocks discussed: AMZN over 3 years ago by BC1979 55 6,037
Amazon oversold after earnings? 194.89 (-14.20%) After Hours started by russianmunkee Stocks discussed: AMZN almost 4 years ago by treeHamster 2 1,338
A couple ideas for 10/6 and 10/7 started by Bassocrates Stocks discussed: JCP, TIF, KSS almost 4 years ago by Saracen 2 1,291
NFLX poised to rise again? started by jheacock Stocks discussed: NFLX, AAPL, AMZN over 4 years ago by leapfrog 22 4,203
Weekly Options - CCs started by OldFart Stocks discussed: FAS, F, AMZN over 4 years ago by OldFart 189 23,602
How to check "the cars in the parking lot" for online retail started by incubus Stocks discussed: AMZN over 4 years ago by incubus 5 1,156
Oct 2010 Challenge Picks started by corbinb2 Stocks discussed: NFLX, BP, CGV almost 5 years ago by Triton 19 1,400
CBOE: New Weeklys Available started by adelante Stocks discussed: OEX, XEO, DJX about 5 years ago by adelante 1 2,670
AMZN-Should You Sell AMZN? Broken Stock Watch started by GlobalChartAnalysis Stocks discussed: AMZN about 5 years ago by GlobalChartAnalysis 1 1,076

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